Key Insights To Noah’s Window
28 Sep

Key Insights To Noah’s Window

Since by way of Bible Understanding Noah’s Ark is picture of our hearts pitched inside and out as we have talked about before, then what about that window, God asked Noah to put in, Genesis 6:16a ” A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above “?

Here is what you will find and Ark Encounter:

“Concerning the Ark, Genesis mentions windows only twice. The second reference is in Genesis 8:6. “Noah opened the window of the Ark which he made.” Here’s where it gets interesting. In this verse, the Holy Spirit inspired the use of the word challon, “a window.” In the first reference, however, He used tsohar, “a light.” Tsohar comes from the Hebrew root tsahar, “to glisten.”

Did God perhaps instruct Noah to build “a light that glistened”?

Of the 24 times tsohar is used in the Old Testament, it is translated “window” only once. The 23 other occurrences refer to “noon” or “the noonday sun.”

How did Noah illuminate the Ark? We won’t know that, unless the mighty ship could still be found. (It’s highly doubtful that even sections of the Ark will ever be found on volcanic Mt. Ararat, or where the Bible says the Ark landed—in the “mountains of Ararat.”)

An ancient Hebrew tradition says the tsohar was a very large pearl or gem that Noah hung in the rafters of the Ark, which powered itself and illuminated the Ark.* That’s highly speculative to consider, of course, but it is something we have come across in our research.”

Actually this whole , “Tsohar” light/window controversy has raged for centuries amount ancient Rabbis. Putting that aside, I think it’s extremely relevant to speak to our hearts, have we got a window/Light, I can assure you we do and does the dove fly in and out with an olive branch, once again I would say yes. Here is the tougher question who has the key?

God has one for sure and I wonder if you have ever experienced him finding just the right combination to unlock the window to your heart? I want to tell this story I have told many times before, but note the notches in the Keys to both mine and Johnny’s window as you read this story.

At the time of this story I had worked with Johnny for five years. One of the great car salesmen, everyone in Mocksville loved him. Although he donated us the money for the first Christian Business Men’s Committee meeting in Mocksville he didn’t attend, nor did he attend our weekly Bible study and seemed to leave the room anytime we talked about the Lord.

Then came the divine appointment, (that I totally blew), in July 2003 when he stuck his head in my office and asked if I had a moment. Oh how I later wished I had set aside my schedule and given him all my time and attention.

“Robby, I have been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.” Were the first words out of his mouth.

Although shocked, I quickly thought to myself, “Oh, that’s no big deal I had cancer and it was a little tough but I was OK”. So all I said was, “I am so sorry to hear that Johnny, you’re going to be fine I’ll pray for you. Don’t worry about it, I had cancer almost eight years ago and I’m fine.”

This had been my moment; I can still see his face, dejected. This was the time I should have listened to his thoughts and his fears. This was the time I should have been there for Johnny, but I was too busy. I had a New Building going up and a Dealership to run. Johnny got up and left my office looking like he had been given a death sentence and he had.

Early that August Tammy and I were at the funeral of another employee’s mother when we got the call from Geraldine, Johnny’s wife, frantic. “Robby please come to the hospital, Johnny came out of surgery to remove his pancreas and has lapsed into a coma and they are not sure he is going to make it!”

We rushed to the hospital and made our way to the ICU. There we found Geraldine, and the whole clan of Johnny’s brothers and sisters, (a truly wonderful family seven of them originally) and a few of his closest friends all braced for the worst. Shortly the doctor came in and asked Geraldine to come in, he wanted to let her see Johnny along with one other visitor and Geraldine asked me, surprisingly.

The doctor told us along the way that it didn’t look good, he said Johnny, may not make it through the night and the next few hours would tell the story. We glanced in on Johnny; he was certainly in a coma and didn’t look good at all.

We made our way back to the waiting room with the desperate news.
Bruce Rollins was there, Johnny’s best friend, whom I knew to be a believer and I asked him if he knew whether Johnny knew the Lord. He said he really didn’t know. So I asked Geraldine and even she said she really didn’t know, that years ago Johnny had gotten mad with the preacher and they had never gone back to church.

Geraldine asked if I would pray, and pray I did, both out loud and to myself, asking God both for mercy on Johnny and mercy on me because I realized I had worked beside this man for five years and had never shared Christ. The night dragged on hour after hour Johnny was still alive but it appeared just barely. As the morning dawned we were all still there praying.

I had to go to Mocksville that morning and as I drove along when I came to my regular place to pray, I asked God, “Lord if you would please give Johnny more time, I promise I will share You with him. If he knows You I’ll help him to know You better and if he doesn’t I’ll introduce him to You. I promise.”

When I got back to the hospital nothing had changed, by the next morning the doctors even mentioned pulling the plug. We all prayed a lot and Johnny hung in there, as the hours drug on.

Early in the morning on the fourth day seemingly out of nowhere Johnny woke up, and like Adrian in Rocky II, he was fully himself.

Again that morning I had to drive to Mocksville again I came to my place to pray. A much different prayer this time, God had come through now it was time for me to fulfill my promise. The problem was I didn’t know how, Johnny was hard to talk to about such things. “Lord, I don’t know how to do it. Johnny is a proud man, a little hard to get beneath the surface. What do I use, what do I say, how I will make up for lost time?”

The Lord came through with that still small voice. “Robby, Johnny is a car salesman, and to a car salesman a deal is a deal.” He didn’t need to say any more, having been a car salesman most of my life I understood.

A few hours later I walked into Johnny room, he was sitting up, just like nothing had happened. I said, “You know Johnny when you were in that comma, and things didn’t look good, I made a deal with God.”

Johnny responded in a typical Johnny fashion, “What kind of deal with God did you make, Robby?”

I answered, “I promised that if He would give you some more time, that I would help you to get to know Him better, and that if you didn’t know Him that I would introduce Him.”

Without hesitation Johnny, answered, “A deal is a deal, you better get to it.”

I felt God leading me to take Johnny through the Gospel of John the “I Ams”, “The Living Water”, “The Bread of Life”, and “The Good Shepherd”. Almost everyday I would go to Johnny’s Hospital room and share and when he got to come home I went there.

We came to the part where Jesus is ‘The Resurrection”, the story of Lazarus. It seemed like a normal study but it was far from it, God had big things for Johnny that day.

The next day when I came to Johnny’s house a Pastor and good friend of mine, Jimmy Lancaster was there and as soon as I walked in he said, “Johnny tell Robby what has happened.”

Johnny said, “Robby right after you left yesterday my sister came to visit me and brought a whole stack of Gaither Band recordings. She asked what I might want to hear and I just said just throw one in. The first song that played was Four Days Late But Right On Time. I then realized this was my story, in a comma and returned to life. I understood the resurrection and accepted life everlasting.”

Now did you see them, a key to my heart as was Johnny’s, “A DEAL IS A DEAL”. A key to my heart was that I loved Johnny and Jesus and didn’t want to live forever without Them. A Key to Johnny was his sister and the recognition of her love and Jesus in 4 days late but right on time, I believe there are many more, but ponder this in your own story and I think you will agree, sometimes God gives us the Keys To The Kingdom window in someones heart, if we love them and keep asking.


Right Turn Clyde
21 Sep

Right Turn Clyde

Asking God for a word of the day early in the morning gets me headed in the RIGHT direction. Though I am quite lost without asking God to help me understand how do I apply that word today?

Monday God gave me the word, suffer, a great word for me as Paul so often urges us to share in the sufferings of Christ, so how do I do that exactly? I went to the old testament to find a place that spoke to me about the word and check that out in Hebrew, a bit challenging because that word is used a lot like “suffer the little children to come”, so I chose Proverbs 19:19 ”
A man of great wrath shall suffer punishment: for if thou deliver him, yet thou must do it again.”

That word in Hebrew used many, many times for the word suffer is ‘NASA’ meaning to lift up to carry or take away. Ok, so God what am I to carry? Not so hard maybe, “He ain’t heavy he’s my brother?” carry one anther’s burdens.

So Tuesday, God gave me the word, honor. I took off for Exodus 20:12 Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.” The word honour in Hebrew is KABAD. Meaning: to be heavy, be weighty, be grievous, be hard, be rich, be glorious, be burdensome. Immediately I saw the connection to yesterday’s word. Then I became more intrigued when I noted the uses of the word very specifically Exodus 8:15 “But when Pharaoh saw that there was respite, he hardened his heart, and hearkened not unto them; as the LORD had said.”

The word translated Harden right there is KABAD and as I ask God to show me how that worked, God reminded me of the crown of Solomn’s Throne from the show I did Getting a Lift From A Lion. Here is the passage that it reminded me of speaking of King Solomon being seated every day. ” No sooner was he seated than a golden eagle brought the great crown and held it just above King Solomon’s brow, so that it should not weigh heavily on his head.

AHA… Here is where the right turn comes in, turn right to Him and set my crown on Jesus head so as not to suffer it… Remember Jesus words in Matthew 11:20 “For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.” Pharaoh turned left and the burden hardened his heart, that crown was so heavy.

Then Wednesday, God gave me the word, forgive. Once again I went to the Hebrew found in Genesis 50:17 “So shall ye say unto Joseph, Forgive, I pray thee now, the trespass of thy brethren, and their sin; for they did unto thee evil: and now, we pray thee, forgive the trespass of the servants of the God of thy father. And Joseph wept when they spake unto him.”

Are you ready for this? The word forgive in Hebrew is also the word “NASA” meaning to lift up to carry or take away. So the burden of forgiveness is a left turn, it hardens your heart and similar if your turn right and put that crown on Jesus head, his burden is light.

So applying that, who do I turn to every-time things get heavy? Jesus his burden is light He is the Suffering Servant. Also of ‘Note’; the word NASA in Hebrew begins and ends with a ‘nun’ the Hebrew letter that bends over as a servant, the middle letter is an Aleph, the first letter in Both God and Man’s name, Adoni and Adam.

What Is A Perfect Pitch
14 Sep

What Is A Perfect Pitch

The more I thought about it the more it hurt my brain. The word pitch is so many places, Pitch Fork – Pitch a tent – Tar Pitch – Pitch a Fit – Sale Pitch – Pitch Pipe – Propeller Pitch – Roof Pitch – Pitch Dark – Pitch a Baseball or Golf Ball, hurt yet? Keep thinking it will, I have been thinking about this all week and have finally come to the conclusion, (a beautiful one if you can see it), the word Pitch is a SHMILY, yes a God SHMILY. I’ll explain.

Tuesday morning in my daily prayer I asked for my word of the day and felt Jesus tell me, harbor. That I immediately, (as almost always I do), I began to doubt, “did God give me that word, or did I just make it up in my head?”. My faith has taught me to go with it regardless and by ‘go with it’, that means for me to study the word with God- Biblically. Although this word appeared to be out of left field and nothing to do with what I was currently studying or experiencing.

To add to my doubt the word – harbor, isn’t even in the KJV but I found it in the NKJV in Isaiah 23:1 as bayith in Hebrew. Essentially meaning house. So where is the first place you find bayith strongs H1004 in the Bible? Now it started to get good. Genesis 6:14 “Make yourself an ark of gopherwood; make rooms in the ark, and cover it inside and outside with pitch.”

The word, there translated “within” is bayith, harbor. Having a tiny bit of Hebrew understanding I know that the letter bet, the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet is a huge deal, it looks like a house starts the Torah. Here is a small taste of what the Jews teach on this from
“The meaning of beis is bayith, which is Hebrew for “home.” Why did G‑d create the world? The Midrash11 tells us that G‑d desired a home. How does one define a home? A home is the place to which you return after finishing with your worldly affairs. You remove your shoes, change to comfortable clothes, and relax. You don’t have to put on a show or “sell” yourself to anyone. It’s a place where the real you comes alive. G‑d also wanted a place where He could be Himself and unite with His bride, the Jewish people. That was the objective of Creation. That is the beis of bayith, the first letter of the Torah, theblueprint of Crea­tion. ”

Now that sounds like a harbor doesn’t it, and this gets beyond beautiful here in Genesis 6:14 as when God tells Noah to Pitch it, inside and out. Inside being where Noah and family will find that harbor. The beyond amazing thing is; the word Pitch in Hebrew is “kaphar” the same word as ransom or atonement cover, my friend Charley pointed out; the the day of atonement is Yom Kippur.

I think you may be tracking with me now on what is the perfect pitch? Its Jesus blood, it not only covers us outside, it’s inside and makes that harbor for you and God. No accusers, no condemnation with That blood covering the inside of your heart. A really cool meditation is; our Communion the bread and the wine, its pitching us on the inside.

Here comes the SHMILY – God set a bow in the sky to cover us and remind us that he would never again flood the earth wiping out all mankind. SHMILY is “See How Much I Love You”. SHMILY: a few years ago I read of an older couple married over 60 years and they would leave SHMILYs all over the house as sort of a love game, reminding each other of there love, they would spell it out in the sugar dish, on top of the butter, even on the toilet paper.

I believe God has done that for we, who speak English with the word PITCH, look over your head most anytime, your roof is pitched, God has you covered, rain will not pool when there is a pitched roof, that’s why you pitch a tent, even in the pitch dark God has you covered…yep a SHIMLY.. The Hills are alive with the PITCH of Music a SHIMLY. The road you drive on is covered with what? SHIMLY – at your baseball game, playing golf, pitching hay with a pitch fork, SHMILY – they are all harbors, God’s with YOU! A home He has you covered…. Feel free to look around you and find them, SHMILY it is truly written everywhere. ENJOY that harbor with God no waves crashing in on you just deep calling to deep, rich and amazing love.

May I Help You? – Confessions Of An Ancient Car Salesman
07 Sep

May I Help You? – Confessions Of An Ancient Car Salesman

In order to be rescued you have to want to be rescued and the level of distress appears to be critical to the amount of want. It was once explained to me that if your arm is chopped off and you are in the emergency room to get stitched up, you don’t ask the doctor: “How much is this going to cost?” Seems like a simple enough principle but, how deep do you want to go into this rabbit hole, Alice?

The original reason this principal was being taught to me, many years ago, was to help me to see the need to build desire for a car in order to increase the profit margin, and I’m guessing they teach something similar in all sales applications, however there is a spiritual side to this and a practical side that is life saving, both physically and eternally.

If you listen to the sound byte above you may note there are a couple attempted rescue scenes, the first one; a mass of people have been sold that they need a rescue as you can hear them shouting, “Hallelujah”, from the movie, Rango, it’s actually a con in order to control them. In the second scene from the movie, Family Man, there the young man sees no need for a rescue from a person who appears lost himself. “What do you need, Jack?”

“I got everything I need,” Almost chilling isn’t it, to hear the stark hypocrisy, but a hypocrisy that Jack himself has no idea of. Watch the movie and its clear.

How about me? Do I have everything I need? Honestly, no! I need a rescue almost minute by minute, maybe second by second. God was so kind to give me my word for the day last Sunday, “Absolute Victory”. The first place you find that word victory in the KJV is 2 Samuel 19:2 And the victory that day was turned into mourning unto all the people: for the people heard say that day how the king was grieved for his son.

The Hebrew word for ‘victory” here is ‘teshuwah’ – meaning salvation deliverance a rescue. As I pondered this, my word Thursday was, “surrender” which in Hebrew means to lay prostrate. It occurs to me that if I am truly to be rescued, I will have to have absolute, unconditional surrender; lay down my time, my will, my money, my control, my motive, my relationships and my plans. I told you this is a deep rabbit hole.

When we allow someone to help us we surrender a little bit, but in order to be rescued, saved it takes a further degree of surrender.

The first thing I was taught in selling cars was –The Road To The Sale, ten ordered steps to take a customer through to “help” them buy a car. The first of which was the –Meet and Greet. Here I was taught the first thing you do is offer your hand and introduce yourself, “Hi, I’m Robby Dilmore, welcome to ABC Motors”. WE were taught; DO Not and , absolutely, do not say “Can I Help you?” .

Here comes the true confession; I never did that, yes I taught it, to maybe hundreds of car sales people, but I, myself, never did it. It felt awkward and I don’t like telling people who I am and I never have, you may have noticed I never introduce myself on the radio, if I can help it. Truth is I have never surrendered. Who I am seems irrelevant to the circumstances and God clearly asked me to help people years ago as sort of my mission statement, so in order to actually help someone they have to surrender something and trust must be of the highest priority. I personally don’t lean toward trusting someone who makes much of themselves, I feel this is more about them than me.

What I would actually say when I met a customer is: “can I show you something?” I kinda figured that’s what they came for, was to see something and if they let me show them something, the surrender process had started. Not that I thought through all that, it just felt natural. Then I focused on trying to discern what they wanted and more importantly what they needed and did my best to find it and share the features that met the needs and wants and hopefully they would see that I was out to help them. That was really all there was to it. I was and am, quite shy, believe it or not, my selling gifts I believe were my motives not my charisma.

God shared these Victory/Rescue and Surrender concepts just this week and I believe it really is aimed at further surrender, because further surrender to, Jesus, means further victory. I love how my whole life in the car business, now over 40 years, God has been teaching me practically what this all looks like in this process, so that now, for my victory, I can surrender further, lay down my time, my will, my money, my control, my motive, my relationships and my plans. MY desire for rescue needs to be increased in order for me to lose all concern for the value of what is being surrendered. Just like my friend told me years ago, I am bleeding to death, my arms chopped off, do I need to ask how much? Answer is: Oh Yes, Jesus paid way, way way more then I could possibly understand, He did know what was at stake in His surrender! Thank you, Jesus.

Abbot’s Frozen Custard Grand Opening And Live Remote Saturday August 24th
16 Aug

Abbot’s Frozen Custard Grand Opening And Live Remote Saturday August 24th

10% of all proceeds go to Special Needs and Other Charities

Located behind Dairy-O In Clemmons

Be the first customer through the door and receive the golden ticket. The Golden Ticket gives the ticket holder custard for a year. THATS RIGHT! One scoop per week for 52 weeks. Rumors are starting to spread that some are trying to get their spot in line Friday night. Spread the word and if we have that kind of response we may have another surprise for those that come out early to get their spot.

A Storied Past … A “Happily Ever After” Future

  • 1902 Once upon a time in 1902, a young and enthusiastic Arthur Abbott was traveling the Eastern Seaboard with the summer carnivals. He spent his days entertaining the crowds and his nights perfecting his secret recipe for a special frozen dessert. Little did he know the lasting impact his heavenly treat would make.
  • 1926 Eventually, Arthur found his way to the port town of Rochester, New York – a community he found to be very special. He opened a stand right across the street from Charlotte Beach on the shores of Lake Ontario which was also home to a bustling amusement park.
  • 1932 As word spread of Arthur’s handcrafted frozen concoction, people would line up from morning ‘til night to enjoy what had now become known as Abbott’s Frozen Custard. From his newfound success, Arthur was able to buy and train his own racehorse. He struck it rich when his prized horse, Blue Man, won the Preakness Stakes in 1952, earning Arthur an astonishing $86,135. At that point, Arthur was in his 70s and financially comfortable, so he considered hanging up his scoops for good.
  • 1957 In the summer of 1957, as Arthur pondered retirement he met Leonard and Thelma Schreiber. Like Arthur, they loved Abbott’s and wanted to help Arthur carry on the delicious Abbott’s tradition. While it was hard to leave his life long passion, Arthur knew it was time and was confident Lenny and Tiby, as their friends called them, along with their two young daughters, were the perfect family to continue on the Abbott’s legacy, serving the secret family recipe to all their loyal customers.
  • 1981 Mrs. Schreiber unveiled a new frozen custard novelty called the Turtle (made with layers of Abbott’s frozen custard, Spanish peanuts, and fudge, frozen on a stick and dipped in dark chocolate) which remains a signature Abbott’s treat to this day.
  • 2005 While Arthur’s stand at Charlotte beach continues to serve guests each day, Abbott’s Frozen Custard has gained prominence as a nationally recognized family brand dedicated to its communities. Abbott’s has since opened new locations in neighborhoods near and far while remaining a family business.
  • 2012 Arthur Abbott’s favorite saying still serves as the company motto, “…it’s always been about the taste!” With continued market expansion came a delicious and diverse selection of cones, dishes, sundaes, pies, treats and more.
  • 2019 For nearly 100 years, an Abbott’s Frozen Custard stand has been the perfect destination “after” any event or occasion. Win or lose, good day or bad, after the park or a picnic, going to Abbott’s “after” helps make everything even better.

The Way Ice Cream Was Meant To Be!

  • #1 Every scoop of Abbott’s starts with our dairy cows. As our dairy farmers like to say, “Happy cows produce great milk” which means they are treated as part of the family, enjoying green grass and all-natural feed, while always receiving the best veterinary care.
  • #2 Following our Secret Family Recipe, the milk and cream from our dairy cows are combined with eggs and sugar to create our Abbott’s frozen custard mix.
  • #3 Our mix is then Hand delivered to each of our Abbott’s stands in refrigerated trucks for our crews to turn into Abbott’s Frozen Custard.
  • #4 Every day we create our flavors, all hand made in our stands with the freshest ingredients from real strawberries or decadent chocolate to the legendary black raspberry.
  • #5 Then we pour our frozen custard mix into our specially designed machine. The slow churning process removes all the air turning our mix into creamy and smooth Abbott’s Frozen Custard. Churned in small batches throughout the day is why we say Abbott’s is “Made Fresh Just for You!”
  • #6
    It’s all so our customers can live Happily Ever After … with Abbott’s of course!