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Stu Epperson, Jr

CEO / President

We could write a little something about our leader and visionary, Stu Epperson, Jr., but, we thought it best coming from folks closest to him on a daily basis.

“Stu Epperson, Jr. has an energy and an enthusiasm that is contagious, and makes even the most pessimistic person believe failure is not an option. Yet at the same time there is a sincerity there as well that many people with similar personalities lack. They make you feel like they’re selling you, but Stu makes you feel like he’s serving you. There are a lot of businessmen who are Christians, and check their faith at the door from 9-to-5. Stu is a Christian who is a businessman. His faith is what drives him to do what he is doing, not just a part of what he is doing.”

Steve Deace, host of “The Steve Deace Show”

“I first met Stu at a men’s Bible study more than ten years ago. Both he and Stu Sr. were extremely excited about building the first Truth Bible teaching station in the Triad, then expanding it across the USA. They asked me if I would like to be involved. A decade later Stu’s vision is continuing to bless listeners daily!”

Pete Bunch, the voice of Truth-Spoken Word Images, Inc

“I have known Stu since 1992. We met at The Master’s College. Over the past 20 years, Stu has been an encouragement to me. Whether it was being on Truth Talk Live talking about our passion for reaching Mormons for Christ, or reading stories to “Buttercup” or “The Nut”, I can’t help but smile and say thank you God for allowing me to know Stu. Serving as General Manager of KUTR with Truth since 2008 has been a blessing because Stu has enough faith in God to wait on God, to walk with God and point people to God.”

Russ East, Station Manager, Truth Network-Salt Lake City

“What can I say about Stu? He is a ball of energy, creativity and non-stop love for the Lord. There is not a counterfeit bone in his extremely tall body. I love the constant hope, daring dreams and quick wit. Family comes first for Stu. He is a great father to his four girls and is a wonderful husband. Stu talks about the 5 ladies in his life all the time. Wait! There is a 6th, and that is his mother, Nancy. Stu’s blood courses with broadcasting greatness and he doesn’t take the gift for granted. With the heart of a child and the hunger to inspire all people to experience Truth, Stu Epperson, Jr. is an inspiration to me everyday.”

“Stuart has the skill of a broadcaster which he combines with the heart of an evangelist. Nothing is more important to him than helping a person find Christ. I’ve been with him when he stops making important radio decisions, and takes time to lead a bible study or help a near stranger understand Jesus. This is one of those rare people who not only understands the priorities of life, but lives them too.”

Henry Hoot, Truth Network Partner

” Stu Epperson is amazing! He combines the joyful experience of a child, the optimistic persistence of a salesman, and the deep commitment of a true follower of Jesus into one, great (and tall!) package. I am on the radio today across the country because Stu heard from the Lord and opened the door.”

Dr. Brown, Host of “The Line of Fire with Dr. Michael Brown”

“Stu is always energetic, upbeat, and always puts a smile on my face. He has given me the name “young Skywalker” here at the station, but I’ll leave to your imagination what that might make him. Either way, I believe that Stu is one of God’s special gifts given to us in unique packaging. In other words, he seems always to surprise us (sometimes we scratch our heads and wonder why), but in the end we know he wants to follow Christ even in the “smallest” of decisions.”

Joey Roberson, Truth Network Assistant Program Director

“Stuart Epperson Jr. is an unstoppable force in the mission of spreading the Gospel. His passion for Jesus Christ is infectious! As a programmer or as a talk show host, Stu’s commitment to great Christian programming is consistently Christ-centered. It is a pleasure to work with him.”

Charlie Mefferd, VP of Operations for Salem Radio Network

“I believe Stu’s reflection of God’s glory is that Stu’s heart loves to show off others. When ever I am with Stu, I always need to be what God has called me to, because Stu will quickly tell anyone we meet, “here’s the Christian Car Guy, Robby tell-em what you always say, or tell them about your ministry how you lead people to Christ through cars. When he’s giving the tour of the studio I can just hear him coming down the hall, “Here is the Boss-Lady, Anita tell em about your ministry, here’s Beth Ann, the glue that holds us all together”, and on Stu will go through the whole staff showing off God through all of us.”

Robby Dilmore, The Christian Car Guy

“I describe Stu Epperson, Jr. as an Evangelist that doubles as a businessman and broadcaster. What a passionate man for the souls of people. Stu finds himself comfortable wherever he is and among various groups of people with the goal of making a difference in there life…honored to know him.”

Michael Gamble, Director of Programming for the Sheridan Gospel Network

“For the past two years I have had the joy of working for Stu Epperson Jr. As a business man, friend, and leader. Stu puts Christ first. At the drop of a hat he will pray for you or share God’s word with you just to encourage you. I wish more men where like Stu.”

Chris Rohloff, Station Manager, Truth Network Des Moines

“Stu impresses me with his servants heart. He is always willing to provide a needed resource, or connect me to the right contact. Furthermore, his prayers for my business and family are always an added encouragement.”

Sam Main, CauseKeepers

“Stu is very energetic with an always upbeat demeanor, God fearing man. Every morning he comes into the office making sure we have fruit. He makes every effort to make everyone that comes through our doors feel welcomed as well as comfortable and always tries to squeeze a laugh with his comedic side.”

Melanie Martin, Truth Network Traffic Manager

“Stu is true visionary. In all my years of radio I’ve never met anyone as passionate about using the medium to share the good news of the gospel….and he makes sure that everyone he comes across knows about it. It doesn’t matter whether he meets someone in a gym, restaurant or even at a busy intersection, Stu always make sure they know where to find the TRUTH. I don’t believe that Stu ever sleeps. I’ve had phone message from him at 3:00 a.m. talking about some program that he’s heard or an idea he’s been thinking about. He has a huge heart for the lost and for providing the body of Christ with solid bible teaching. He’s also a good friend.”

Tom Booth, Host of Truth Network’s “Bible for Breakfast”

“I met Stu about three years ago when applying for a job with Truth. I was an avid listener of the Truth Raleigh. Even though I had no radio experience, Stu took a chance on me and has encouraged me in every conversation we have ever had. I am forever grateful to him for his visionary leadership.”

Eric Williams, Marketing, Truth Network Raleigh

“Energy. Being around Stu Epperson is like being in a perpetual motion machine. When I knew Stu casually, it was easy to dismiss the speed and energy that he maintains around himself because I was in brief contact with him; now that I work together with him day by day, I see that he doesn’t have an “off” button. There is never a moment when Stu doesn’t have an encouraging word, a kind thought expressed, or a prayer to be offered for anyone and everyone he meets. His kindness is contagious and his heart is always open-never to break, only to build. There’s no stranger or friend that Stu neglects to share the gospel with, one way or another. Hang around him for just a few minutes (and everyone should) and you’ll feel the love, too.”

Michael Carbone, COO, Truth Network

“Stu is an awesome man of God, a pillar in our community! He is a major supporter of the Salem Pregnancy Center.”

Jennifer Fogle, Director of Development, Salem Pregnancy Center

“Stu, a man with such energetic visions, a heart of gold and a walk with God that I have never seen shaken or doubted under any circumstances, which I have always admired. He is an inspiration to our team and we are very fortunate to have him as our leader.”

Carol Allen, Business Manager, Truth Network

Stu is the most interesting human being I have ever work with or for. He is full of energy and ideas, which refreshing and inspiring. I have the joy of producing his “Tru Commentary’s” which are always a blast to produce because I get to witness the wheels turning inside his head as he riffs for a minute, straight from his heart. Stu helps get me out of my daily routine, which could be a good thing or a bad thing, but his spontaneity is always encouraging.

Andrew Fox, Production Director, Truth Network

Stu Epperson’s enthusiasm to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Christian Radio is not only supernatural but it’s contagious. You can’t be around him very long without feeling the same urgency, the same commitment to do your part to change and influence our culture for the better! Stu is determined to make a difference with the resources God has given him.

Paul Scott, Market Manager, Truth Network Richmond

Stu Epperson, a person with a lot of positive energy, which I think helps him with his public speaking and talk show host duties with “Truth Talk Live”. Stu is also one of the best negotiators I know which is another quality that makes him a great sales rep and radio station manager. I also know Stu to be a great father and family man. Stu Epperson, all of the things I have mentioned above, and last but not least, a friend. May God continue to bless him.

Ernie Hodge, Bible for Breakfast co-host, Truth Network

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